It has been a frustrating process so far moving from teacher to teacher (at least 3) and I was beginning to feel that I was unteachable. I would finish a lesson and think "What did I learn?" Now I finish a lesson and I have so much to review.

In between teachers I have been working hard on my own from books but I know this is only a partial solution; there is no substitute for a good teacher.

My friend Alexandre arrives from Brazil in a few weeks time and I feel that with your help I will be able to talk with him much more easily.

I feel our lessons are going really well and I'm sure that more of the same will definitely lead to success one day. Maybe even sooner than I think.

Anyway. Many thanks for now, and let me know how to proceed with the next bookings.

Larry, England, UK

My wife and I were taught Brazilian Portuguese by Irineu over a 10-month period. The motivation for this was an impending career move to Brazil – we have since moved to Brazil.

As a surgeon, I was required to become proficient in Portuguese to work as a doctor in Brasil. Irineu was recommended to us very enthusiastically by a friend whom he had also taught Portuguese.

We had approximately forty hours of lessons, from August 2010 till June 2011. We found Irineu to be very encouraging and inspiring from the start.

I was delighted to find out last week that I passed the Celpe-Bras at intermediate level.
I can say with absolute honesty that in the few weeks we have been here in Brasil, several people have said: “you must have had a good Portuguese teacher!!”

Segun, BSc. Hons., MB ChB, FRCS, Glasgow, UK