Welcome to The Portuguese Teacher!

When a student fails to learn a language, they often blame themselves! I say you’ve just not found the right teacher!

My name is Irineu, and I am The Portuguese Teacher! I offer face to face Portuguese Language tuition throughout the UK and I also offer worldwide tuition online via Skype.

  • My method is unique; it will enable you to speak Portuguese fluently in a very short period of time.
  • Students have been able to pass Portuguese proficiency exams in as little as six months!
  • You will learn more Portuguese in 1 lesson with me, than you would attending 4 months of a standard course anywhere else – and guess what, your first lesson is FREE!

My courses are tailored to individual needs. I offer group courses, home tuition, intensive immersion courses and online lessons via Skype.

Need multilingual staff?

The Portuguese Teacher is the No. 1 Portuguese language services provider in Scotland.

The Portuguese Teacher currently delivers language services for  businesses across Scotland in a variety of sectors including oil and gas, engineering, medical, research, technology and energy sectors.

From Edinburgh to Aberdeen, our specialities include  in-house tuition and immersion courses at very competitive prices. With roots in Brazil, we are also able to offer specialist services including consultancy, translation, visa support, marketing, localisation and research.

Click here for further information on our bespoke services or  call Irineu on 07587 179 372 to discuss your language requirements.

Whether you are learning for LEISURE, BUSINESS OR TRAVEL, learning Portuguese has never been so easy!

Book your free trial lesson  today and see how much Portuguese you can learn!



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